The New Adventures of Satan's Cheerleaders

Review, MusicSA / Bside Magazine

The members of Satan's Cheerleaders are a highly skilled bunch, being part of other jazz and progressive groups around Adelaide and beyond. 'The New Adventures Of' is their second release since the group’s inception in 2005. 

The music of this album has a very unique stylistic characteristic that keeps you on your toes; each track presents its own journey. You may face a track that seamlessly moves from heavy, fast unison passages, to slow emotive saxophone melodies, to punk influenced vocal lead sections, or it might be a quaint, piano-led, jazz piece. The setting of each piece is appropriate, nonetheless, the stylistic diversity isn't erratic to the point that it seems inappropriate, and thematic elements tie everything together. 

The quirky country jazz closing track, complete with vibraphone and an a cappella section, 'spooning on a spoon', outlines the general aesthetic of the groups’ approach. Despite plenty of considerably heavy and dark moments, they clearly have a lot of fun with what they do, too. This album ticks all the boxes, more than adequately covering elements of variety, innovation, musicality, musicianship, humour, top notch production, attention to detail and more. It has it all.